Happy Factory offering special tours October 4th – 7th

By September 29, 2021News


The Happy Factory has postponed its annual open house and gala this year. Instead, we are offering special tours October 4th-7th from 9a.m. to 4p.m. Normally, the Happy Factory has a fall celebration and fund-raiser, but has postponed the 2021 version because of the disruption the recent floods have had on so many people’s lives in our community.

Happy Factory volunteers will offer free tours highlighting the various steps to making the toys, from tracing and cutting out the wood, to sanding, oiling, and “wheeling”.  At the end of the tour visitors can receive a free toy car, and learn about volunteering or donating to the Happy Factory.

“The purpose of the tours is really threefold” said Donna Cooley, who founded the Happy Factory with her husband, Charles, in 1995. “We mainly want everybody in the community to visit and see firsthand what we do here. Then, if they would like, they can learn more about volunteering or donating to the Factory. We always need more volunteers, and we always need more financial resources.”

Many of the supplies to build the toys are donated however, it still takes about one dollar to make every toy; this pays for equipment, maintenance, and items such as saw blades, sandpaper, and wheels and axles for the toy cars. Donations are not required for the tours, but any amount would be appreciated.

“The spirit of the Happy Factory is infectious,” said Donna Cooley,  “Come, visit us and see why!”