Happy Factory Volunteer Delivers Toys to Southeast Utah

By April 6, 2022News

One of our Amazing volunteers, Jim Rasmussen, traveled with his daughter to San Juan Public Health department to deliver these beautiful Steam Shovels and hundreds of wooden toys from the Happy Factory. They were distributed throughout Southeast Utah to deserving children.  The final destinations were, Blanding Elementary, Bluff Elementary, Montezuma Creek Elementary, Monument Valley Elementary, Navajo Mountain Clinic and Aneth Community School.

The children were so appreciative,  we have already received many thank you notes!

We want to say thanks to the many volunteers who donate their time to make these toys and a special thanks to many generous people for their cash donations. We are a Non-profit organization and could not accomplish all we do without your help.

“We may not be able to make a toy for every child in the world that needs one-but we’re going to try!”-Charles Cooley